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Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

Call for application ‘’CONFCAYS2019’’ 1st Conference of the Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists

Theme: Young Scientists: Mainspring of Innovation and Development in Africa

Venue: Yaoundé, Cameroon August 28–29,2019


Science, one of the essential pillars in the development and wellbeing of humanity is hinged on progress in science and technology. Africa’s future thus relies largely on it. African young scientists, considered as the veritable pillars of the continent, are expected to be involved in development efforts such as innovation and change agents of the continent. Their research output and impact are felt the world over and their scholarly productivity and know-how is fundamental in the development and implementation of national and continental Science and Technology Information (STI) policies. As seen from their dedication and contribution towards the advancement of science, many young Cameroonian scientists are distinguishing themselves at national, regional, continental and global levels.

It is an open secret that Africa, the cradle of humanity, has undeniable intellectual, natural and human resources, and it is high time that we forge collaborative partnerships and multilateral cooperation with external partners which will help advance our quest for sustainable development as we aim to join the ranks of emerging nations in Science and Technology. Partnerships as well as inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations are essential to facilitate cooperative partnerships, where national and international entities can come together and effectively address developmental challenges, since no discipline can self-sufficiently develop on its own.

Nevertheless, challenges in finance, environment, research, and data management remain stumbling blocks in many African countries and particularly in Cameroon and the central African sub-region, where this reality remains a stumbling block to scientific advancement and progress. Mentoring also remains a crucial challenge especially for young scientists who need mentors to guide them as well as scientific role models to look up to.

It is within this context that the Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists (CAYS) is organising her first ever biennial conference entitled: “Young Scientists: engineering innovation and development in Africa”.

          CAYS is a branch of the Cameroon Academy of Science (CAS) which has as goal to promote research, advocate and elevate the voice of young scientists, encourage the development of new and innovative approaches towards national and international challenges. The young academicians want to address challenges facing them by constituting strong mentoring and supervisory roles as well as youth career orientation thus contributing to the socio-economic development of their countries and the continent.

This conference will be preceded by a workshop training on Science Advice (“Pre-Conference workshop training, CONFCAYS 2019”), on the theme: “Science Advice in Africa: Opportunity or Illusion”, organized from 26 to 27 of August 2019, in collaboration with ‘’les Fonds de Recherche du Québec’’ (FRQ) and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA). Its general objective is “to develop and strengthen the capacity of researchers, academicians and experts to use the concept of scientific advice in government for better decision support and public policy ownership”.

CONCAYS2019 is a platform for networking, exchange and discussion. It is an opportunity to unite different actors from the government as well as civil society and scientists around different themes and create synergy on national and international cooperation and hopefully transform ideas into sustainable projects.


This conference is centred on multidisciplinarity and inter-institutional research, necessitating the participation of young scientists or middle career scientists who can contribute in a domain of the three colleges (Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical sciences, and Social Sciences). Sessions shall therefore be centred on the themes below:

  • Nutrition, Health and Environment
  • Material sciences, TIC and Renewable Energy
  • Digital Economy, Peace and Development


ORGANISATION: The conference shall run for two days and structured as follows:

  • Plenary sessions (each session shall last 45 minutes. 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes for discussions)
  • Discussion panels (panels shall last 1h15 minutes. 50 minutes presentations and 25 minutes discussions)
  • Parallel sessions (15 minutes presentations and 5-10 minutes discussions)

The conference shall be in French and/or English. Applications for participation in the conference are submitted online through website www.cayscam.org/application or by clicking the on the link below


Opening of abstract / article submissions                                                     February 28th, 2019

 End of submission of abstracts / articles                                                      May  5th, 2019 

Submission of articles (at the latest)                                                                1st of July 2019

 Form of documents: Title of the communication; name and affiliation of the author (s); maximum 300 words for the abstract; maximum 5 keywords; font 12 pt; Line spacing 1.5. 

The publication process of the conference proceedings will be launched at the end of the conference.

Information about the publisher will be communicated in a timely manner. For this purpose, the authors of the selected works will have a period of one (1) month to integrate the comments received during the conference.

In case of difficulties when submitting on the platform, you can send your file by email specifying the call to which you are submitting (It is possible for the same author to submit the two calls above):

        confcays2019@cayscam.org  in copy:  cameroonyoungacademy@gmail.com

For any concerns, please send an email to: confcays2019@cayscam.org in copy: cameroonyoungacademy@gmail.com

The conference venue is in Yaoundé-Cameroun (More information about the place will be communicated to you in due course).

✓ Language of the pre-conference workshop: French

✓ Language of the conference: French and / or English

✓ All DAAD alumni are requested to provide their identification number

✓ Accommodation, nutrition and registration fees are borne by the organizers

Scientific Committee

  • Prof Beban Sammy CHUMBOW, Université de Dschang-Cameroun ;
  • Prof Innocent Afuh AWASOM, University of Texas-USA;
  • Prof Jean LIYONGO, Université de Kinshasa -République Démocratique du Congo ;
  • Prof Madiagne DIALLO, Conseil Economique et Social-Sénégal ;
  • Moussa AG ARYA, Université Abdou Moumoumi de Niamey-Niger
  • Prof Paul WOAFO, Université de Yaoundé I-Cameroun ;
  • Prof Pius Wuchu AKUMBU, Université de Buea -Cameroun ;
  • Prof Remi QUIRION, Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Canada ;
  • Prof Rokia SANOGO, Université des Sciences Techniques et Technologiques de Bamako-Mali
  • Prof Siméon Pierre CHOUKEM, Université de Dschang-Cameroun ;
  • Prof Timpoko KIENON, Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny de Cocody Abidjan-Côte D’Ivoire ;
  • Prof Wilfred MBACHAM, Université de Yaoundé I-Cameroun ;
  • Arrey TARKANG PROTUS, Ministère de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’innovation -Cameroun;
  • Brice TCHAKAM KAMTCHUENG, Institut de Recherche Géologique et Minière-Cameroun ;
  • Christian Daniel BEYEME, Ministère Enseignement Supérieur-Cameroun ;
  • Christian Lambert NGUENA, Université de Dschang-Cameroun ;
  • David MBAH, Académie des Sciences-Cameroun ;
  • Felix ASSAH KEMBE, Université de Yaoundé I-Cameroun ;
  • Godswill TSOMBOH, Institut de Recherche Agronomique et de Développement-Cameroun ;
  • Habil. Fidèle NTIE-KANG, Université de Buea-Cameroun ;
  • Hugues C. NANA DJEUNGA, Recherche sur les Filarioses et autres Maladies Tropicales – Cameroun.
  • Jimmi Hervé TALLA MBE, Université de Dschang-Cameroun ;
  • Jude NDZIFON KIMENGSI, CATUC Bamenda-Cameroun ;
  • Loveline Kongla NSAHLAI, Université de Yaoundé-Cameroun ;
  • Néhémie DONFAGSITELI, Institut de Recherche Médicale et des Plantes Médicinales-Cameroun ;
  • Mme Brïte PAUCHET, Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Canada ;
  • Ildevert EWONDO, Ministère Enseignement Supérieur-Cameroun.


Organizing Committee

Justine Germo NZWEUNDJI (MINRESI/IMPM-Cameroun) ; Joséphine NGO MBING (Université de Yaoundé I-Cameroun); Christian-Lambert NGUENA (Université de Dschang-Cameroun) ; Gabriel LONI (Centre de Biotechnologie-Cameroun) ; Jean Aimé MBEY (Université de Yaoundé I-Cameroun) ; Jimmi TALLA MBE (Université de Dschang-Cameroun) ; Paul ANIMBOM (Université de Bamenda-Cameroun) ; Hugues NANA DJEUNGA (CRFilMT-Cameroun) ; Mengnjo Jude WIRMVEM (Institut de Recherche Géologique et Minière-Cameroun) ; Magellan FOKENG GUEWO (Centre de Biotechnologie-Cameroun) ; Hamadou BOUKAR (Université de Ngaoundéré-Cameroun) ; Maï DJANGO WAMBE Thérèse (Université de Ngaoundéré-Cameroun) ; Serge NZALI (Université de Dschang-Cameroun).

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  1. Tahnteng Brandon

    Good evening my name is Tahnteng Brandon Fonyuy. I’m a final year masters student in the university of Buea. I wish to ask if the pre conference will be done in French and English

  2. blaise BALLO


    S’il vous plaît, vers quelle période les candidats retenus pour participer à la conférence seront informés? Cela est du au fait que je suis hors du Cameroun et j’aimerais savoir si les résultats seront publiés sur votre plate forme ou par courriers électroniques aux candidats retenus?


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