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About Us:

The Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists (CAYS) is a non-governmental association. It is an arm of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences (CAS) whose members are young scientists and young scholars, selected for the excellence of their research impact and commitment to service for science. The first constituent assembly of CAYS was held on October 23, 2018. The academy is concerned with the natural sciences, mathematics, medicine and other life sciences, the engineering sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The CAYS linked to the CAS and has legal personality under the laws of the Republic of Cameroon, it may receive and dispose of property, monies and other assets and it is capable of suing and being sued under its own name


CAYS Goals:

  1. To give voice to young researchers by (a) Providing the channel for its members to actively participate towards policy development; (b) Encouraging interactions with other organizations, through workshops, internships and job partnering, etc; (c) Developing statements on issues of metropolitan, national and international dimensions at meetings, events and other relevant gatherings; (d) Nurturing the development of young researchers’ fora and dissemination of regular information on CAYS activities to members and the public.
  2. To promote research as a career of choice for young people and tool for national development by (a) Recognizing and rewarding excellent young researchers; (b) Advising on policies that affect the participation of women, ethnic minorities and other under-represented groups in research activities; (c) Promoting mentorship with recognized senior researchers
  1. To promote research (a) As an engine of economic development; (b) By increasing research based skills through support of exchange visits for young researchers between institutions locally and internationally; (c) By seeking, identifying and promoting capacity for national and international grants, fellowships, scholarships and prizes for young researchers.
  2. To encourage the development of novel approaches to problems of national and international significance by: a) Fostering international and interdisciplinary collaborations between young researchers; b) Convening regional, national, international and topical workshops, seminars and conferences; c) Encouraging governmental, non-governmental and other philanthropic organizations, and research foundations to channel resources into identified research projects.
  3. To pursue any other goals that concern young researchers as may be decided by the General Assembly.